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  • gershyboy 03/15/08 8:47 pm PST

    We have 2 2003 Lincoln Town Cars and they both have had the rear wheel bearings wear out at about 140,000 miles. We've never experienced rear axle wheel bearing failures before and we normally run our cars more than 200,000 miles. Supposedly, Ford changed suppliers of their rear axles for the 2003 model year. Service bulletins/ recall notices?

  • modifyit 05/16/08 1:19 pm PST

    I don't know about any recalls, but I have a 2003 towncar with less than 34000 (yes, thirty four thousand) miles on it, and the left rear wheel bearing is currently noisy. Doesn't surprise me too much, because this car has been a maintenance nightmare during it's entire warranty period; brakes, Transmission, cruise control, radio, driver side power seat drive assembly and motor, and park assist module.

    I contacted the dealer to get cost of repairs and was quoted approximately $165.00. That sounds too good to be true, but if I hadn't already ordered parts to repair the problem I would have taken the car in for a better estimate.

    Good luck with yours.

  • eliomfernandez 11/20/10 4:51 pm PST

    Yes, my 2004 Lincoln had the identical problem when it only had 13,000 miles
    The dealer replaced one piece from the axle assembly, but problem continued,
    They replaced a second part and that solved the problem,

    The engine is been knoking (unrelated) and 93 octane gas did not solve this problem.
    A gargling noice behind the instrument pannel has not been resonved neither.

    When you spend $45,000 and still have some many problems, I Am reluctant
    To purchase a 2011 Lincoln MKZ which may have the same problem, So I Am
    Still dragging this Lincoln around very embarrased because of the noice
    Produced by the engine knoking.

    Albany Lincoln Mercury of Albany GA. has all the repair record of this Lemon.


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