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  • karjunkie 12/19/08 8:14 am PST

    These are both top-rated 3rd party warranty companies with good records. I would get an online quote from both as well as from BMW and see which one offers the most coverage for less. AA Auto Warranty is a warranty broker so it offers comparative shopping, capable of giving online quotes from multiple warranty providers at the same time, so you may want to start there. Warranty Direct is the consumer division of one of the nation's oldest and largest warranty companies and is not a broker. They only sell their own policies. Good luck on your decision.

  • ruviano 11/03/09 12:39 pm PST

    I would stay away from Warranty Direct - I purchased the Luxury Care Package for my Volvo back in 2006. This week I took my car into the service shop, due to an oil leak. They sent someone out to inspect the car and determine that oil seepage coming from the gaskets was normal. Since the oil was not dripping (just seeping out) it was considered normal. I am now forced to pay for the repair to fix my oil leak.

  • dpesq 11/16/09 1:14 am PST

    DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT purchase a warranty from AA Auto Warrant or Warranty Direct. This comany is a scam. This is not only my opinion, but that of thousands of unsatsified consumers. Just google them and you will see for yourself. I only wish that I would have done so before I wasted close to $1,800 for a useless "warranty" with AA Auto Warranty. Their "customer service reps" if thats what I must call them, are rude and looking for ANY reason to deny your claim. This company is not at all reputable. I recently had a claim denied (the second one) because the repair shop drove my vehicle to diagnose the issue with my car. I was told that "continued operation" of a vehicle with a known defect is a violation of my warranty agreement. Now I'm waiting to speak with a supervisor. What a crock!! I would like to know what repair shop doesn't test drive your vehicle before and after they repair it. This company has no plan on actually paying out on claims. They only want to take your money. I would have been better off not buying a warranty at all. Im out of over 3k plus the money I spent on the warranty and have not had my car for over a month dealing with this company. I wont speak for all warranty companies, but this one is not the one you want to deal with. For anyone who might even THINK of buying a warranty with this company- STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! It for your own good!

  • aapcs 12/21/09 11:36 am PST

    The person who
    complained above does not have a contract with AA Auto Warranty or Warranty
    Direct. The customer's contract is with Consumer Direct Warranty Services. A
    third-party inspector examined this person's vehicle. The claim was denied, and
    the supervisor of Claims Services contacted this customer with a detailed
    letter explaining the reasons, which were in accord with the contract terms.
    The claim was not denied by AA Auto Warranty or Warranty Direct, neither of
    whom have a contract with this person. This person has been notified about his
    false statements. AA Auto Warranty and Warranty Direct both have A+ ratings
    from the BBB.

  • nancy53 09/15/11 9:31 am PST

    I used warranty direct when factory warranty expired on my 325. They are among the best coverage plans you could find. I paid 3K for 25 months. Coverage itself was comprehensive. Over two years they ended up paying $1000 for a few services and i ended up spending another $500 for deductible.

    Can anyone suggest if there's a better warranty out there that costs less than WD?

  • rvfool1 06/18/12 1:24 pm PST

    Well I thought buying the Warranty Direct policy was a good thing. In fact it was my third one. Never again. Had a major parts failure. The turbo on my Chevy Duramax was sticking. It can't be clean and only replaced. Warranty Direct refused to pay because it was caused by soot from the EGR valve that caused the turbo to stick. The soot from the diesel exhaust that is recirculated into the intake They are calling it an outside influence. Really. The federal government emission caused this, and the manufactures designed system is an outside influence that the consumer has not control over or any maintenance to preform on it. They are using an excuse not to pay.

    Stay away from Warranty Direct.

  • Stever@Edmunds 06/18/12 2:07 pm PST

    You may want to contact your local attorney general's office or consumer protection agency.

  • riosouza 09/05/12 3:09 pm PST

    I typically don't write reviews but Warranty Direct really blew my head off when I need them, they will deny your claim or at least make you pay for it.
    Even their road assistance service is nasty. I was driving and my F350 leaking water, pulled over to a gas station called the Warranty Direct (WD) for road assistance ant they say we pay the first $50 for the wrecker and you pay the rest. Well it would be fair enough if their wrecker didn't gave an estimate for $100 to tow my truck to a mechanic shop for 1.2 miles from the gas station where my truck was. I called 3 local towing companies and their rates were $50, $60 and $45 and I ended up $45 paying from my pocket which was cheaper than using WD pathetic road service.
    Now the worse part, the mechanic found out the EGR cooler is messed up, called the WD and they DENIED the claim saying the EGR cooler is not included to my policy which has EGR recirculation system listed as covered. But they said the cooler is not part of it, really?
    Anyway I paid over then $3,200.00 for a stack o paper they call policy that does not worth the paper they use in the toilet.
    I read all the other complains about the company, but I people were not being honest, or even WD competitor was writing it. But now I paid a very high stack of money to find out how bad and worthless WD direct is.
    The main reason they are still in business is because of the people buying insurance with them, and some never use it or ended paying for part of the service because the majority of the population in US doesn't know anything about mechanics, so these poor people swallow whatever WD tell them.
    They will discretely say "shut up and pay for it because you can't do anything against us".
    If you save the money that you will pay for the insurance, and pay for all the maintenance you would have for your coverage, you will still have money at end.
    Be wise and keep your hard earned money.

  • ibscammed 03/19/14 6:19 pm PST

    DO NOT BUY FROM DIRECT BUY AUTO WARRANTY-also know as AA WARRANTY! They will rip you off, not honor your warranty and try and scam you on what you actually did buy by sending you a covereage booklet with a lower level of coverage. Basically, they can say anything is pre-existing and deny your claim. You are much better off buying an extended warranty from the dealership you purchased the car from. They want your business back, so are more inclined to provide good service. These losers in New Jersey live to rip you off...I truly believe that. SHOP AROUND...make sure they are A or A plus rated by BBB and look around the web for what others are saying about the company you are looking at. Good Luck!


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