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  • morin2 07/20/09 5:02 pm PST

    If you plan on doing any towing, the v-6 is rated for up to 3500 lbs, same as the v-6 Rav-4.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 07/20/09 5:19 pm PST

    I think the V-6 is worth the $1000 extra, and really it's only 2 mpg worse than the 4 in FWD, and only 1 mpg worse in AWD. If you're choosing an automatic, this suggestion goes double.

  • karjunkie 07/20/09 5:21 pm PST

    Please tell us what you intend to do with this Escape. If you do not intend to tow or go ver a lot of off road territory, stick with the 4 cylinder FWD. It's a fine engine and does its work well at the highest MPG possible. If you intend to tow or go over mountain dirt roads and off road most of the time, a V6 4WD makes sense at the expense of weight , MPG and complexity. My experience is that 90% of the people that drive SUVs of this type really don't need either the V6 or 4WD. In the winter, 4 good snow tires on steel rims will do the job and save you $$$ in gas mileage and future repairs. Good luck on whatever you decide!

  • mrmojorising 07/20/09 5:24 pm PST


    Thanks for al the responses.

    I don't intend to take it off road, but will drive in snow (Alberta) hence my desire for AWD. The reason I am considering V6, is because music and hence a quite cabin is important to me.

  • mrmojorising 07/20/09 5:29 pm PST

    Oh, why are steel rims better for snow? No, I don't intend to tow anythign eitther.

  • karjunkie 07/20/09 5:50 pm PST

    Steel rims allow you to keep the snow tires mounted and balanced so all you have to do is pop them on when it gets snowy. It's for convenience. What has a V6 got to do with quietness? Most road noise is a function of sound deadening in the chassis and good cabin seals. The difference in engine noise between a 4 cylinder and a V6 is minimal. The Honda CR-V is the quietest small SUV out there if that is your main concern and it's 4 cylinder is more refined.

  • morin2 07/20/09 5:59 pm PST

    Steel wheels are cheaper if you keep a set of winter tires. You can find them on ebay because kids swap them out for fancy wheels. They are also better for winter driving because if there are potholes from frostheaves, the steel wheels can better resist the shock.

  • philbert2k 07/28/09 10:36 pm PST

    In my test drive of a 2009 Escape 4 cyl, I found it quieter and almost as powerful as the 2005 6cyl. Hope this helps.


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