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  • heckofaman 03/30/08 2:31 pm PST

    Try any on the new GM cars with laminated side glass [new Malibu, several Buicks, CTS, new Saturn sedan] all are very quiet...as good as a full size Lexas.

    The laminated glass is great in cutting down wind noise and the noise from passing trucks and other cars...it's also a good safety feature if someone hits you while you're talking on that cell and not using your brain to see the idiot coming. [Note: it's happened to me.]

    Yes, I have some NVH engineering experience at Honda [glass] and at GM - Kettering University.

  • deaconbluz 04/10/08 5:32 pm PST

    The Lexus ES350 would be the quyietest car under $35,000 and can be found at overstock.com for under $320000. The Buick Lecerne may be its' equal in quietness but is not as good of a car.
    Next would be either the Toyota Camry XLE which can be found for less than $27,000 with leather. Or the Acura TL which I found at carsdirect for $28,700 with heated leather seats, moonroof, and 6 disc CD player.
    You might also consider the Lincoln MKZ or Chevy Malibu both just a hair below Lexus, acura

  • vegas63353 01/20/09 9:40 pm PST

    has to be Lincoln Towncar

  • mcrook 04/12/09 6:11 pm PST

    I don't own one yet, but I've test drove one and all I can say is Holly Crap this car was quiet! Before you make a decision on a car you should at least test drive a Hyundai Genesis--It was by a long shot the questest car I've driven in a long time. They start at $32K and go up from there.

    I own a Chevy Malibu with the laminated glass--not even close to as quiet as the Genesis--it really is worth a test drive.

    Source: Personal Experience

  • pww 10/03/09 2:00 pm PST

    Consumerguide rates the Lexus LS and Mercedes S class as the quietest cars @ 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.  The are very comfortable.  I wouldn't get any car rated below 8 (well, except for a 911).  My Mercedes E class is rated an 8 and is dead quiet on new asphalt at highway speeds. I also spend time in a newer Camry, rated a 7, and it is noticeably louder on the highway.   I think buying a used premium car in good condition is preferable to a new car with a lower rating.  Good Luck!

  • dawa 08/24/12 3:08 pm PST

    Im asking the same question,i can tell you about mid size cars i just road tested all 2013 models kia optima,nissan ultima,malibu eco,dodge dart,all suck as far as cabin noise,suspension harshness,
    i worked as suspension tech years ago and i know a quality car when i drive one,still searching,currently drivin 2007 impala,not the quietest but the leather seats are comfy and 32mpg w/3.5 v6

  • thecac 12/13/12 11:03 am PST

    I drive a Nissan Altima. Very noisy. Especially when it rains. Its like your in a tin can. In other words, don't buy this one.


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