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  • Stever@Edmunds 06/27/08 4:38 pm PST

    I've never seen a guide for conversion vans - just RVs and truck campers.

    There is a forum at CarSpace where people ask how much their conversion van is worth:

    Conversion Van Pricing

  • texases 06/27/08 5:24 pm PST

    One other option - go to Ebay, search for conversion vans, and look at 'completed items'. You'll see the closing bids for the vehicles, which is a reasonable indicator of market value. Make sure you look at recent transactions, their value must be dropping with the rise in gas prices.

  • blakearbogast 01/16/10 3:22 pm PST

    If you are looking to find a price for your conversion van contact Arbogast Conversion Vans. We would be happy to give you a price. We also purchase vans from private individuals all over the country.

  • bobkat808 03/23/12 3:33 pm PST

    go to this site :http://www.nadaguides.com/usedcars.asp

    you will need to know the type of conversion for example, my conversion package is an explorer conversion. even though it started as a GMC Savanna, it does not recognize GMC as the manufacturer only Explorer. good luck


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