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  • ljlemire 07/01/08 9:19 pm PST

    It is typical of the Odyssey to get carbon build up in the intake and the diagnoses it as a false EGR code (the code it gave was probaly P1491) which will cause troble to,my sister had the same problem as the computer told me it was a bad EGR but simply cleaning out the intake fixed it but the fact is the EGR valve was probaly never bad it seems like it is a seperate problem with the TCS light. I would think its doubtful it involves the transmission if u have not noticed anything. The brakes can cause the TCS light to come on, as well as many other things. What code is the computer sending out now. Write back if the problem still persist, as I said my sister had the exact same problem and it was due to carbon buildup in the intake AND one of the slave cylinders for the brakes was faulty which in turn made the TCS lighty come on. FOR THE RECORD when having car problems it is smart to always get two or three seperate opinions from a certified mechanic as usually an estimate is free, but im sure as you know parts and labor will add up very quickly.

  • lrho 12/17/08 1:42 am PST

    Hi, I wonder if you still have this problem and how you solved it if at all.
    I have same thing on my Honda Accord 2001, LX V6. Both lights came on simultaneously, it seems like it happens when the car has just warmed up. I was said when the engine reaches certain temperature EGR valve opens and flows some exhaust gases back to the intake. I replaced EGR valve, and the problem disappeared for a week or so, namely 350 miles, Now the lights are on again following the same pattern. Before I replaced the valve the OBD code was P0401 "insufficient EGR flow". I doubt that I have intake clogged. I live in California and run on "plus" grade gas. It should not create build-up. The mechanic who I know well and trust mentioned to me as well that it might be a transmission issue, but the car runs smooth and does not post any transmission related codes.
    Have your ever visited dealer with this problem?
    So, if you have any info for me I'd appreciate it very much


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