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  • MrShift@Edmunds 12/07/08 11:55 am PST

    You may need to get this info from a car audio shop, which sometimes sells wiring diagrams.

    I can help you though with basic wire code identification, so you'll know how to either read or explain the wiring:

    NOTE: Whenever a wire is labeled with two colors; the first color listed is the basic color of the wire, and the second color is the tracer marking of the wire. If the second color is followed by by a D, the tracer is dots. If the second color is followed by an H, the tracer is hash marks.

    For example: BR/O is a brown wire with an orange stripe, R/Y D is a red wire with yellow dots and BK/W H is a black wire with white hash marks.

    BL: Blue
    BK: Black
    BR: Brown
    DB: Dark Blue
    DG: Dark Green
    GR: Green
    GY: Gray
    LB: Light Blue
    LG: Light Green
    N: Natural
    O: Orange
    PK: Pink
    R: Red
    P: Purple
    T: Tan
    V: Violet
    W: White
    Y: Yellow


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