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  • 0patience 01/15/09 7:18 pm PST

    Are you certain of the I032 code?
    It isn't listed for that engine.

    Have you cleared the codes and rechecked? If you did, did they return?
    If not, you should clear codes, road test and see what codes return?

    Here is the info on the other 2 codes.

    Fault P030
    The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) controls idle RPM by increasing or decreasing the throttle opening using the Idle Speed Control (ISC) motor. The ISC motor will control engine RPM any time the throttle position switch is closed. Code P030 sets because the actual RPM never reaches desired RPM signifying a slow or failed ISC motor.

    Codes P021, P022, P024, P026, and P027 not set.
    Throttle position switch closed.
    Vehicle speed less than or equal to 0 mph.
    Battery voltage 11 volts or greater.
    Actual idle engine speed is at least 152 RPM different from desired RPM.
    Idle speed control start-up delay over.
    Engine not receiving a power steering load.
    PCM is not commanding an idle speed anticipate.
    ISC motor in the forward mode, throttle position 14 degrees or less and ISC is extending for 30.3 seconds. OR
    ISC motor in the reverse mode, throttle position 2.1 degrees or greater and ISC is retracting for 30.3 seconds.

    Fault code I039

    The Speed-Sensitive Suspension (SSS) controller communicates with the IPC over CKT 370. Code I039 will set if CKT 370 (II12) is HI when vehicle speed is less than 5 mph, or if CKT 370 (II12) is LOW when vehicle speed is greater than 15 mph.
    NOTICE: Code I039 will set during normal Computer Command Ride (CCR) diagnostic mode. If CCR diagnosis has been recently performed, clear code I039, test drive vehicle, and recheck for codes.

    Possible causes of this code are:
    CCR fault detected by the CCR control module
    CCR diagnostic mode entered
    Loss of IPC vehicle speed information
    Open or short on CKT 370, CKT 818, or CKT 817
    Faulty CCR control module

  • tosha1 11/05/10 9:28 am PST

    what does the trouble code P2763 mean for a 2004 Cadillac Deville


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