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  • karjunkie 12/20/09 9:26 am PST

    There is no dipstick on the BMW transmission. The vehicle has to be raied on a lift or put on jack stands and the transmission will have two plugs on the passenger side of the transmission. The lower plug is to drain the ATF fluid and the upper plug is to check the level and add fluid. To check the fluid level, you need the vehicle to be running, in park and at operating temperature. You remove the upper check plug and the fluid should be right at the bottom level of the oil plug opening. If it is low, you add fluid until the fluid weeps out the plug hole. To do this you need to hang a funnel and tube to the side of the vehicle and run the tube into the hole. It is really set up badly for a DIYer on purpose I suppose. One other thing, use the exact type of ATF fluid mandated by BMW or you'll destroy the transmission.


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